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15 Dissertation Research Ideas On The Subject Of Finance

Dissertation writing in finance can seem daunting in the first weeks when you’re likely trying to choose from numerous topics to research. It’s recommended you try to push the envelope in your field by studying an area that hasn’t been thoroughly explored. This is what most advisors want to see from their students, but it can be stressful having to come up with an original idea. Here is a list of free topics for you to consider using for your capstone project:

Dissertation Topics for Graduate Business Students

  • How does bran evaluation affect the way financial institutions risk investment on small business applicants seeking hard capital for growth?
  • How should financial institutions manage risk exposure when considering entrepreneurship in industries that have not been over-saturated with businesses?
  • In what ways does foreign investment affect local economies? Are there certain industries in which small companies can thrive more because of international finance opportunities?
  • Should U.S. investment companies look into growth opportunities by funding technology startup agencies that rely on outsourcing their job opportunities to developing countries?
  • What are some of the conflicting strategies and techniques found in the efficiency and effectiveness of a revolving global market? What regions are exposed more to volatility?

Dissertation Topics on Modern Finance Practices

  • Do modern finance practices really help small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed and experience freedom from the corporate world?
  • Utilizing business surveys to understand how to utilize finance for small to mid-size businesses. What are the most effective techniques for ongoing success?
  • Is it a good idea for younger people to start investing through mutual funds instead of traditional 401k programs?
  • In what ways is technology changing the way people invest their money? Consider so many investment firms allowing people to make their own financial decisions?
  • What does an analysis of portfolio and mutual fund management indicate the ways people will need to start investing in a changing national economy?

Trending Research Studies on Finance & Business

  • Learning how to weather slow seasonal sales: Sound strategies for small business owners in stagnant industries.
  • Equity versus debt for small business finance: A comparison aimed at remaining competitive in the next decade.
  • Starting a finance agency in the 21st century: How technology skills play a principle role in the success of business analysis.
  • The most effective strategy for making capital work to advance your private business or practice: Traditional versus creative uses of finance.
  • How veterans are finding success starting their own businesses: Finance programs designed to help former military transition into entrepreneurs.

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