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15 Dissertation Topics On Diabetes Research And Health

One of the most difficult stages of dissertation writing in any discipline is needing to come up with a research topic. There are several places students can turn to on the internet but this can take up a lot of time. We have put together this collection of fifteen dissertation topics on diabetes research and health from the best dissertation writing service experts:

Dealing with the Onset of Diabetes Dissertation Topics

  1. Why do patients recently diagnosed with diabetes have such a hard time of being accepting of the fact and begin to manage their health?
  2. How do children react to recently being diagnosed with diabetes? What can be done to ensure they have a better understanding of how to manage the disease?
  3. In long-term studies, people who were receiving intense treatment for the disease experienced a lower quality of life. What role should health providers play to minimize this effect?
  4. Why do so many patients experience extreme levels of depression in the months following their diagnosis despite not showing any other symptoms of declining health?
  5. Despite it being a global disease, there are certain ethnic groups that are more prone to being diagnosed as a result of diet and culture. What can be done to increase their health education?

Affects Diabetes Has on the Body Dissertation Topics

  1. What recent treatments have had the biggest positive impact on minimizing the number of short term complications that arise rapidly in patients’ bodies?
  2. How has the use of different types of steroids affected the way the body responds in patients that experience hypoglycemia more often than the norm?
  3. What kind of impact do Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes have on a patient’s kidneys? How is this affected by monitoring techniques that are most commonly practiced?
  4. Are patients from certain ethnic groups more at risk of developing heart disease or eye disease as a result of their diabetes diagnosis (e.g., the type of diabetes they have)?
  5. How as the new A1C test helped minimize the negative effects diabetes has on the body through its early detection of the disease?

Dissertation Topics on Diabetes and Lifestyle Planning

  1. What challenges do patients living with diabetes have when trying to monitor their glucose and maintaining a healthy diet plan?
  2. How have some patients with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes managed to maintain healthier lifestyles than other people who do have the disease?
  3. Why has the number of people that conduct self-tests of blood glucose dropped? Are there other factors such as social or environmental that have led to this decrease?
  4. Why do patients in the U.S. still struggle to get the care they need to monitor and maintain healthy glucose levels? Is this a matter of rising health costs?
  5. Nutrition plays an import role in a healthy lifestyle but many patients with diabetes don’t know what they should be eating. Should nutritionists take a more active role?

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